cocarto is a collaborative tool for collecting and managing structured and geospatialized data.

For exemple:
  • the route and the legs of a hike in Corsica,
  • the automobile equipment rate by department in 2019,
  • the cycling infrastructure in the 19th district of Paris.

Easy access

You don't need to be a specialist to create a cohesive and reusable database:
  • A map is composed of several layers of homogeneous geographical objects: points, lines, polygons, administrative territories.
  • Each layer defines typed attributes: numbers, text, dates, lists, booleans, images…

cocarto guarantees the validity of the data entered. It is not possible to put text for a boolean attribute or a number.
The administrative territories are referenced: no ambiguity on the postal or INSEE code, or on the spelling.

Working together

cocarto is designed for teamwork.

When you work with several people on the same map, each other's contributions appear in real time.
You have precise control over who can access your data: read-only, write-only, or one-time contribution…

Coming soon:
  • changes history management and rollback;
  • import, export, re-import…
  • and many other things.

Cartographers will love it

cocarto is free and open-source software. You can work directly on, or install the software on your own servers.

cocarto is built in a transparent way by Codeurs en Liberté, our small cooperative company. We will not be bought by a tech giant. You can follow the development on the project page or via our newsletter.

The idea of cocarto came to us through contact with structures and administrations that share data, in a more or less artisanal and often uncomfortable way. We are listening to the remarks!

Contact us with your ideas.